About Us

3 Sisters, A Mother’s Dream…and a love of food.


I can’t cook…Let’s be honest here. But I do know how to set a table. I think it all started when I was a little girl. My mom and two older sisters would spend all day in the kitchen for any family event. What was my job? I can still hear my mom’s voice telling me to Set the Table. I used to polish my grandmother’s silverware in between holidays so it was in pristine condition the next time I was tasked to set the table. Plus I was awarded Kit Kats every time I did. Fast forward years and I started working in restaurants and fine dining. Again, I was faced with my task of setting a table. I then moved into catering in which table set up was part of my job once more.

Once I began planning weddings, I put my tasks of setting a table into the hands of others. After years of planning I realized there was one thing missing all this time, beautiful tableware…that my mom and grandma would love.

Maison de Ware was created to provide beautiful, tabletop rentals for weddings, celebratory events, and those special family dinners.


Why Maison?

As I was dreaming up this new venture in my life I turned to my two sisters to join me in this journey. We all share the love of food, all things pretty and a touch of France. My oldest sister got engaged at a French restaurant in New Mexico. My other sister who went to French culinary school. And myself, who is currently planning a trip to France.

And also our mother, who said to us, Promise me you’ll go to Paris and eat pastries. We will. And in the mean time we bring a little France to Oahu.

So we invite you to our house of ware, hand picked dishware, flatware and glassware. Enjoy.